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What I See

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

By Ileana “Kiki” Salcedo

As I moved from small town to big city

I took a look around and noticed something.

Many roaming faces

Carved like the survivors of a war.



As I went to the store, I seen something that made my stomach ache.

Two young boys

deprived of their dignity

asking for food

Scars crossed their faces

Scars from roaming the streets.

As I left them I began to carry a scar of my own.

Their hungry faces, looking into the shop behind me.

As I went home I seen something

A women

Walking the hot pavement with no shoes.

I looked down at my own feet and noticed how much more polished they were.

They carried me

Safe from the exposure that litters the city's floor.

As I walked into the bookstore of my school

I heard a girl cry

Filled with panic as she could not pay for a book she needed.

I looked into my wallet and seen I had more than enough.

As I went to class

I saw my classmates

Armed with headphones and mics

Listening to stories of those that I’ve seen.

Collecting their history

Collecting for the world to see who these people

Are truly meant to be.




And cared for.

When we see, we assume

When we listen, we understand

What I see is a new future.

A shift.

Making its way to lift its people.

Storytelling in power

Experiencing life with strength

A shift that teaches liberation is in self

That liberation is in communities

That is what I see

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