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Thursdays at 12:30pm

Hosted by Digital Media Student, Megan Silva.

Megan Silva is a lifelong performer. Her love of being onstage began when she rushed to the stage at the age of two to join a toddler tap class. Since then, she has appeared in 47 local theatrical productions, but has recently been enjoying speaking as herself in her podcast titled, "Delta Book Club." Delta Book Club was inspired by the book journal that she has been keeping since high school. She is excited to share her thoughts about her favorite (and least favorite) stories. Though the podcast is primarily about books, Megan also performs music from many genres during the two music breaks in the show. Her love of books is matched by her love of music, she has been a piano teacher for two years.

When not working on a project, Megan can be found enjoying a cup of coffee or a bowl of tomato soup. She loves reading and playing Minecraft, usually with her cat Lulu by her side.

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To get some behind-the scenes info or to recommend books & music for the show, click the button below to visit the DBC blog:

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