GO Local 209:

A look at how We have experienced the coviD-19 pandemic 

Our audio stories are a collection of history told from the perspective of our students and their interviewees as the pandemic hit during spring 2020, through the summer and fall, and into our current phase of vaccines and reopenings.  

Our Go Local 209 series specifically looks at the impact of COVID-19 on small local businesses. Digital Media students coordinated interviews with business owners to learn how they were affected. Thank you to all the local business owners who made time to sit down with our students and allowed them to tell your stories. 

Please forgive us if the audio quality isn't what you have come to expect from KWDC. In early spring we went on spring break and we did not come back. Our students did not have access to their usual lab spaces or department equipment. Instead of focusing on audio quality, we wanted them to use their voices and share their stories. 

Waiter with Mask

Covid Conversations

This is a multimedia storytelling project about how our local community coped through the COVID -19 pandemic.


Listen in and hear students share their thoughts at 3 am during the spring of 2020 when we couldn't make sense of what was happening, our sleep schedules were off and we struggled to find motivation. Or watch a video where students were encouraged to find creative ways to document the things they were experiencing. 

Covid Conversations: 

Vaccines and The reopening

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