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Voices of the Community 

Stockton, California filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and was named the most miserable city in the U.S., not once by twice, by Forbes magazine.


Stockton has a long history of bad management, crony politics and corrupt leaders. Ironically, the bankruptcy of the City has provided an opportunity for city leaders and residents to clear away the wreckage of the past and reinvent Stockton.


During the summer of 2016, George Koster spent a lot of time in Stockton. While spending time in Stockton and losing two family members he came up with the idea of telling the story about his Mom’s old neighborhood and hometown.


While going back and forth to Stockton, he conducted 16 interviews which then have been created into a documentary series of 12 Half-Hour Episodes. The documentary series attempts to provide listeners with insights, points of view and personal stories from the various voices of changemakers working to Reinvent the City of Stockton.

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