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Latino Lunes


Do you think Monday mornings are boring? Well, now they don’t have to be.

Adriana Hernandez, Vanessa Vega, and Rodrigo Pedraza are bringing life back into your speakers from eight to nine AM. From shrimp to Coachella topics and everything in between, they’ll always surprise you with their creative, amazingly awesome content and sound effects. In fact, they will leave you on your toes.

They don’t just use this platform to tell bad jokes like Rodrigo's but they speak on real-life situations to inform and inspire their community. A wise man once said, “With great power comes great responsibility” and that is what Latino Lunes is all about! BOOM!

*drops the mic… carefully*

(left to right) Rodrigo Pedraza, Adriana Hernandez, Vanessa Vega
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