Podcast Show on Mental Health Awareness

Active Minds is a peer-to-peer student-led club that is part of a network of more than 450 Active Mind chartered clubs nationwide. Active Minds members strive to raise awareness on mental health challenges, promote positive mental health, educate their peers, and encourage students to reach out for help.

We meet in Shima 146 (RTV) at 1:30 on Wednesdays. Join us to change the conversation at Delta College.


The Active Minds Podcast team is made up of Radio & Television students. Their show highlights club members and community resources for an inside look at this important conversation. This is one of many resources that focus on wellness. Find more information here and here

Support during Covid-19 isolation!

We know it's tough right now, but you are not alone! Join us for Zoom meetings every Wednesday at 1:30pm.  

Download Zoom to your phone or join from your computer.

Our Meeting ID: 566-962-470. 

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Need Resources: https://bit.ly/Covid19StudentResources

On October 12, 2018 San Joaquin Delta College hosted a Cure the Stigma event funded by the Office of Student Equity and Diversity. This is an archived video of the event.

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Katelynn Castaneda

Dawn L. Basnett

Celine Pham

Carmen Cruz

Mikael Honzell

Jason Teixeira

Tyler Jimenez

Heidi Echols

Tomas Medina

Ianthe Chase

David Powell

San Joaquin Delta College Stories on Depression


Organized by Ethnic Media Services of San Francisco

SJDC Multimedia Department


Funded by a grant from the California Health Care Foundation

Breaking the Silence was a project we worked on during spring 2018 that focused on mental health among college students. Active Minds was launched at Delta College by Professor Heather Bradford with many of the Breaking the Silence participants moving to the board of Active Minds


Please click the "Breaking Silence" image above to be linked to that project's webpage.

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