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Do you want your music heard on KWDC?

You came to the right place!


College radio has a long history of supporting and promoting indie artists before they make it big.


That's what we love to do. 

The Underground Hour plays daily

Highlighting music from unsigned artists to local and more. 

For times check out programming schedule click here

(subject to change due to student programming)

We are an FCC licensed LP-FM radio station.
All music submissions must abide by the following:

- All CLEAN lyrics

- Content must be appropriate to KWDC standards, no vulgarity, or discriminatory, or explicit content.  

- Must fill out a music consent form which you can find below. Send to

How to submit?

1. Send us an email using the template below. Make sure to attach the signed music consent form or you can digitally sign a music consent form by clicking here. If you digitally sign please be sure to let us know in your email. 

Name (first, last)

Artist or performer name, song title/s, a nice message describing your music.

*Add your social media handles and website if you have them and we will tag you and share. I have attached or have digitally signed the music consent form. 

2. Music Standards:

          Stereo Master at -3db

          MP3 files only

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