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DMEDIA 25 A & B Students


The strength of our program is our students. They are storytellers, podcasters, videographers, documentarians, producers, editors, photographers, and content creators. 

Our students are a diverse group of locals whose lived experiences inform the content they create and the messages they will craft for you. 

DMEDIA 25 A & B Client Project


Are you a non-profit in the Stockton Community? Are you another San Joaquin Delta College CTE program or a program that provides student services on campus? 

If you answered yes to any of the above and have photography, videography, audio production, graphic design, and or social media content needs, and you want to support digital media students, please consider reaching out to us. 


You might be the perfect candidate for our DMEDIA 25 A and B students. 

Our students are assigned a pre-determined client to work with for a 15-week project. You will have delivery 2-3 weeks before the end of the semester. 

There is no cost to the client, but we do ask that you offer students a letter of recommendation if you are satisfied with their work. 

If you are interested in supporting our department with a donation to our department foundation you can do so after the deliverables are met. 

How do we decide on deliverables? 

Approved clients will get an email with a link to complete a Google form that will give us introductory information about your project needs. Clients are required to meet with students during the second week of this assignment to develop strategy, and expectations and sign a contract. Following that meeting, students will present clients with a pre-production plan. Once the plan is approved student producers will move forward with planning to execute deliverables.


Generally speaking, students will be required to produce the following deliverables: 

  • A two to three-minute video that promotes your program/service. 

  • A 30-60-second social media edit. 

  • Photography/Graphic: this can be a Youtube thumbnail, podcast cover art, a photo slideshow, social media graphic. 

  • An audio PSA about your program/service

After students have rough cuts of deliverables, they will be presented to clients for feedback. 

Clients are expected to give prompt feedback. You will have seven days to offer edits. Students will then make the edits and they will present the new version to the client. You will have three rounds of edits before the final delivery is made. Students will also have to present you with an invoice as part of the learning process. This is so that they can begin to attach a numerical value to their skillset to support the transition to the workforce.

This project allows San Joaquin Delta College Digital Media students the opportunity to serve our community and build their professional portfolios at the same time. 

Do not apply for this opportunity if you are too busy to make time for our students. Client participation is necessary throughout this process. 

Your investment of time will improve the product you get in return. 

Selection Timeline:                                                      Apply to be a client: 

Please submit by August 15 to be considered for fall 2023. 

Clients will be notified of selection by August 29, 2023. 

To learn more about the Client Project expectations that students are held to, please review the PDF below. 

Below you will find some examples of the video portion of the client experience. The two CTE videos also included 360-degree VR tours of the lab and classroom spaces. 

The nursing simulation video is a bit older but we include it here as it provides an example of longer, instructional videos used for in-house training. 

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