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Delta College Television

SJDC Digital Media

To view more of our students work, check out our SJDC Digital Media Youtube channel where you can find both video projects of our Digital Media students and staff. 

If you are interested in having videography work for a department or a club on campus click this link 

Students enrolled in our video production courses get hands-on experience creating short films, documentary and ENG (news) style pieces. We train students to write for broadcast, screenwriting and discuss ethical concerns for the modern digital communicator.

Video Courses

DMedia 21: Fundamental of Video Production

DMedia 24: Digital Media Editing

DMedia 25A: Digital Media Content

DMedia 25B: Digital Media Production

Digital Media Video students enrolled in Digital Media Editing produced, and edited this video.


This video is a highlight of an event on campus hosted by the CTE Program; Entrée To Employment, a dinner, and a networking event for students looking to jumpstart their careers in the industries of their interest. 


This video is a short film produced, directed, shot and edited by DMedia 24 students.

This video was directed, produced, and edited by students enrolled in DMedia 25B.


The goal was to achieve a client experience for enrolled students. The faculty of the CalWorks department on campus pitched their idea to the class.


From there, the project was assigned to students. The students brought the pitch to life by creating this CalWORKs services video. Now it is an important element to bring more awareness to the services of CalWORKs on campus.  

This highlight video of the Run/Walk Against Hunger 5k was produced by Digital Media students at San Joaquin Delta College: Video Production Workshop assignment during fall 2019.


The goal of this video is to highlight behind the scenes of Digital Media students out in a working learning environment, where they set up a promotional booth for DMedia and KWDC as well as operated a live broadcast to YouTube and on-air at 93.5 FM. 

Filmed by Adriana Hernandez & Maya Gonzales

Edited by Maya Gonzales 

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