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Interview OPPOrtunity

If you are a local business owner, artist, musician, event organizer, etc. interested in being interviewed, please fill out the form below only if you understand the following: 

-You must be willing to have an SJDC Digital Media student contact you to coordinate a time for an audio interview. 

-Please do not mention any type of political perspectives, KWDC remains non-bias on this topic.  

-Interviews will either prerecorded or in-person depending on the availability of the student coordinating. 

-This is not a commercial or an underwriting opportunity. 

- KWDC is a noncommercial broadcaster licensed to San Joaquin Delta College. As such, the FCC requires certain things from us: 

   -No mention of prices, no calls to action (come on down) or saying things like (we are the best in town...) 

  -You can tell people your story, tell us about you and anything relevant to the interview and you can give your website where people can find out more about you as well as social media handles. Anything else you want to talk about- you will work with your student producer on ideas. 

The interviews will be about 5-15 minutes long and will be broadcast on 93.5 KWDC. Exact details will be worked out with your assigned producer (student). 

Thanks for supporting college radio!

Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you within one week. Please be patient wait time may vary depending on staff capacity. 


Fill In Your Info

Thanks for submitting!

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