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     Find a Job with Jobspeaker

Looking for a job? Jobspeaker is a great place to start! 

Jobspeaker is a free online job posting platform where you can look for off-campus employment as well as access resources to help you with the job search process. Plus, with the Jobspeaker app, you can create a personalized online profile to promote your skill set to potential employers. 

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How to Use Jobspeaker


1. Create a Jobspeaker Account

  1. Go to and click on sign-in

  2. Next, under Need Account click on For Students

  3. Enter your information to create your Jobspeaker account

Create your Account Now


2. Complete Your Online Jobspeaker Profile & Create Your Resume

Your online profile is viewable by potential employers. It's an opportunity to sell yourself, your skills and your experience! Follow the steps below to complete your profile:

  1. Once logged in to Jobspeaker, click on profile on the left toolbar and then click view/edit profile.

  2. You will now view your profile. Click on the pencil icon in any section to edit.

    • When adding skills, you can also add skills you acquired outside of Delta College (i.e. from past education and/or work experience)

    • In the experience section, include paid and nonpaid work experience such as volunteer work and/or internships. For the summary of each work experience, include three to four brief sentences describing the typ[e of work you did

  3. Once you have updated all sections of your profile, you can create your resume!

    • Click on Profiles, and then click Print PDF next to the profile. Your resume will automatically be generated and downloaded to your computer!


3. Search for Jobs and Apply!

Once your profile is up to date, you can begin looking for jobs on the Jobspeaker job board. 

  1. Click on Job Board from the top menu (right side)

  2. Browse all jobs or use the search to filter jobs by job title, description and/or geographical location

  3. If you find a job you're interested in, you can save it to apply later or click on Job Info and apply now!

Need Help With Jobspeaker?

Visit the Career & Technical Education Workforce Development Center in DeRicco 208 or call (209) 954-5728 to make an appointment with our staff. We can help you set up your account, complete your profile and/or find jobs suited to you, your interests and your skills!

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