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Life Lessons

by Vanessa Vega

Being born and raised and seeing some of the struggles and crisis some of the city has gone through in the past definitely grew my desire to try to bring about some type of change you know even just at a lower level and obviously in the future just be able to contribute to some of the issues that are going on in the city.

Stockton has its parts were raising a family wouldn't be a good place to do so in some areas and some occasions other places like Spanos and Brookside is a little bit more safe I guess you could say. But i grew up on the northside and southside moving back and forth so I know some of the struggles that growing up dealing in those areas can bring so obviously if a point comes I were I have my kids wouldn’t go through that. But because I did go through that I think that could serve as a guidance for those who do so I wouldn't completely just like seperate myself from the issue but use my experience to try to help those who are in the same kind of path you know. But I would probably stay in Stockton and try to live somewhere where its a lot more safe per say as opposed to where I grew up.

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