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Iron Sharpens Iron

Hosted by Abel Palacio

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Abel Palacio started as a student at San Joaquin Delta Community College. There, he earned an Associates in Arts degree in Technical Education. He has been an employee at Delta College since 2013, working as an Information Technology Support Technician for the Delta College Police Department.


Abel enjoyed KWDC as a listener for some time before he decided he would be interested in hosting a radio show himself. In September of 2018, he began hosting the show Iron Sharpens Iron. He chose this title from the biblical scripture Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens his friend.”

Abel believes that people all over the world, even right here in our community, have a variety of talent and experience to share. Many may not realize how special their gifts are, or perhaps some would like to share their hobbies with others but have yet to find a way of doing so. This is why Abel created his show, Iron Sharpens Iron. It provides a variety of individuals an opportunity to share their skills, hobbies, or interests. In turn, it provides listeners a small glimpse into different topics that they may not normally ever take any interest in.


By sharing what we enjoy and what we know, we can help each other grow to new heights that we could not achieve on our own. People change people, just as iron sharpens iron.

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