/ˈmoo-hehr ma-cha/




1. español for a bad ass woman who strategically controls her own narrative while also building spaces for other bad ass mujeres, in an effort to have everyone shine so bright.


2. also known as a ferocious woman with a sharpened mental machete ready to cut down any and all negativity that stands in her way. She can be dressed up or down, comfortable in any social circle, she does not shrink.


Welcome to the Mujeres Machas Movement! In this space we respect each other and honor the individual experiences that make us who we are. We challenge in supportive ways so that we can each achieve more together. Our goal is to hold this space online @MujeresMachas and at live events hosted in Stockton, California. Our first event will be hosted at San Joaquin Delta College, sponsored by La Raza Employee’s Association. The $5.00 fee to attend our events will 100% go towards the LREA’s student scholarship fund. Please tell other mujeres to join our movement and support students at the same time. 

Please click on the heart to download our 7-day Improvement Guide and get ready for our live event in Stockton. 

Contact Us:

Station Hotline: 209-954-5526

RTV Office: 209-954-5831

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