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What does extra money mean to you?

by Britney Marquez

Britney: My name is Britney Marquez, have you ever wondered what life would be like if you had an extra $500 coming in every month. I asked three different people their thoughts and these were their answers.

Shyanne Mota: “I think I would take that money and take my family out, I would use it to, to have an adventure with my family each month”.

Cristian Morante: “I would look for, um just side investments that I could partake in to just make extra money on top of the $500 that is already coming, that is perfectly legal and could be looked at as something positive”.

Vanessa Jaime: “I would help out my community, I go to Hope City Church, and attend Life Song Church, and we do a lot for our community and I also teach at our church and a lot of times the parents come to me and they have needs and the parents of the students that I teach so I would use it for them mostly”.

Britney: Extra money really is viewed differently from so many different people, and it’s really just a matter of what does it mean to you, having an extra $500 I would want to spend it on my family, I would also want to pay off some debt, this is Britney Marquez, thank you for listening.

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