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Thoughts on Finances... from a Friend

D Holland

Published September 28, 2018

I believe money is valued differently by everyone. Especially considering the different situations that every person is faced with. When I asked my childhood friend what money means to her, it was clear I caught her off guard.

D:  First question, what does money mean to you?

Answer: Oh my God!.....I think it comes and goes but it’s very valuable at the same time. Her answer led me to my next question where I asked her if there was an amount that would make her feel “good” or more comfortable.

D: What do you think would be an amount that would make you feel “good”? Answer: 1,000. That’s the amount you should at least have no matter what

D: Clearly her answer is based on her own opinion, but there is really no set amount to have. I think that is something we should individually decided based on our current situations. D: Would you say it’s hard to achieve financial stability? Answer: I feel like if you have the right mindset you can absolutely do it I agreed with her, allowing yourself to adjust and focus on becoming financially stable is something that I believe anybody can do.

D: Do you think you learned a lot about being financially stable growing up? Answer: Definitely not, I didn’t really ask for it, it was kind of silver spoon fed...maybe that’s why I’m hella broke now.

That was funny because I understood exactly what she meant. It led me to my curiosity for other people our age.

D: Do you think people our age find themselves feeling like that? Answer: Yea, because even in high school economics, the stuff you’re supposed to take senior year I for sure didn’t learn anything. I remember making charts and stuff but it was just in the book where you can exactly find it, it was easy. Stay tuned for more stories and more perspectives.

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