• A. Brogger

The Bare Minimum

by Bones

Bones: Yo-yo bones in the booth here and I’m actually in my home booth which is my garage and I’m hanging out with my brother here and I was talking to him about the SEED project that I’m actually getting involved with in the class assignment and I wanted to see what he had to say. Go ahead and say hello.

Gabe: hello, just being in-between jobs I thought the whole idea of this program sounded great because for me personally it would work out.

Bones: So how would an extra $500 a month help you out?

Gabe: An extra 500 to me would mean groceries, laundry stuff, dog food, cat food, all the necessities that are, that um, what I struggle with now, with low income job you could barely get by you could pay for like the bare minimum of things so I mean you have to ex out some of the stuff you are hopeful for. Me personally I would use it responsibly but I could see how it could be a negative thing or a crutch in the hands of others all in all I would hope that it would prove positive for the community of Stockton, CA.


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