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Support Local

by Deran Asah

Question 1: I think Stockton is a really good city, but it needs some improvements. I think money is being spent in the wrong areas it needs to be redirected to help some of the areas that are being neglected.

Question 2: I believe that it is a good program as long its given out with equity to the right people like that people that don’t deserve it shouldn't get the money. Should be some kind of stipulation for people to qualify.

Question 3: Well I'm not really one to judge I mean 500 dollars it's not really a lot of money that you can't really miss manage I’m not really judge on using it wrongly I’d hope that everybody would wanna eat put a roof over their head and take care of their basic needs first, so I mean with everything your gonna have someone miss manage some things so those people gonna have those with every program, but Seed get them out of there and get the money to the right people.

Question 4: Personally I believe in helping small businesses that's why I’m here at this place and so I believe if the money is spent locally it is going to do well for the people here.

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