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SEED Reflection

by Connor Cabral

Hello my name is Connor Cabral also known as Condog here at KWDC 93.5 LPFM Stockton Delta College Radio, and we are currently doing a project with SEED, and the questions they have been given us to ask what would I do with an extra $500 a month. Me personally I own my own car, pay for my own insurance, gas, food, and having that, my car payment, and insurance I wouldn’t even have in the back of my mind, because that would cover it easily. And pretty much All the money I make from work would go to activities, more six flags trips, concerts, basketball games, Jersey buying, more shoe buying, whatever I would want really. Now that leads into another question of What does being financially stable mean to me? Now again being financially stable means to me not only being able to pay all of your bills, and afford activities it’s also having money left over to save, invest, maybe if save enough to start a business, or just keep putting it in the right stocks or even bitcoins. And then not wasting money that you need to pay for stuff, and basically it’s like hey I can go for broke on this because I’m going to be able to still live my life whether this fails or not. And that is how I feel about this questions that I have been asked here by our SEED project, and this will be Condog signing off.

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