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Perspectives on Immigration and Economics

Maya Gonzales: Hello everyone it is Tuesday, October 16th, it’s 11:30, I’m out here in the quad with Alejandro and my name is Maya. Today we’re doing some interviews with some people from…

The student government

Maya: And today they’re gonna be working with El Concilio, and they’re going to be doing some uh, promoting voter registration. And throughout the week- This week they’re going to be providing resources for undocumented students. So can you tell me a little more about that? It’s called the undocumented student week of action?

Yes that's correct, So what we’re doing today for the voter’s registration. Um, is just trying to promote civic engagement in school cuz we believe that last year there wasn't many people being registered to vote so we decided this year you know we should change that up and bring it to school. So we have partnered up with El Concilio, and uh were making a partnership with them that's gonna be long lasting

Maya: is the reason you guys are out here because you feel that undocumented people are not receiving as much support as possible?

Yes that’s correct. Were out here because we believe that undocumented students are not being represented like how they’re supposed to be. So we're gonna be that voice for them.

Maya: So do any of you have like a direct connection with being undocumented or knowing people who are undocumented?

Yes, we personally know people that are going through the same situation as our undocumented students. Most of the time they are afraid because of the legal situation that they’re in. Thats why were standing up for them because they’re afraid to speak up.

Maya: Do you think undocumented people suffer more financially versus the average citizen sometimes?

I want to say yes and no because most of the time they are the kind of people that are the most hardworking they try to achieve more. They're looking for more. I'm not saying that the regular person doesn't do that also but they do want more. So I don't have a straight answer. It depends you know.

Maya: how do you think money can help someones wellness outside of just financially?

Like happiness?

Maya: yeah like happiness, mental health, physical health

So you know at times you could be in situations that could be really hard on your family. Sometimes they have to save money for certain things and it's not enough for other things so it could benefit families for many things they can be using it for.

Maya: we’re now switching over to Guadalupe Mesa and i'm asking her why is it important to vote and what they're doing out here right now.

Guadalupe: I think it's very important for people to vote because its a voice for a lot of people for a lot of people to come to the us they wish they have the opportunity to vote and get their voice heard especially in other country they are not allowed to vote and to have their voice heard. So i think it's a very important part of being a citizen in the united states to just have your voice heard.

Maya: So why exactly did you want to join?

For the students you know I wanted to be an advocate for students because I believe that Delta right now is.. I don't know the right word but its very dead but you know there's not many like life-

Maya: I've heard a lot of people say that it's a place where people just wanna come in and leave without really socializing and being connected and stuff so i get what you’re saying. Can you tell me a little bit more last year and Why you guys continue to help undocumented students? Like what did you guys do with the rally last year?

So we had a lot of people come and speak out as there were and by people I mean students there were there were students that you know like they were sharing their stories with everyone and a lot of people you know gather around to hear them out and it was you know it was very sensitive topic but a lot of people understood you know where they were coming from from the stories that they were sharing with us

Maya: I don't even remember honestly *laughs*. Oh yeah, Why do you think it's such a sensitive topic being undocumented?

Because it's something that you really don't want to share with the things that are going on you know although it's bad being afraid but in times like these you kinda don't know what everyone's intentions are.

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