• A. Brogger

Looking For The Gems

by Dawn LeAnn

I first heard about the SEED Project back in September of 2017. I was instantly intrigued. I emailed the mayor and I was like dude … OK I didn't actually say dude. I was like, you know, I'm a Delta student who’s studying photography and I would like to follow a family or an individual during the course of the 18 months. You know, having been a person who's been on both sides of the street, I was really interested in what the outcomes would be. And since then, I've heard a lot of different peoples opinions. Some for, some against. I believe we will see what we focus on. If you're focused on the negative, then that's what you'll see. If you're focused on the positive, then that's what you'll see. I'm sure there will be, you know, some who won't do what we would like them to, but I think, if given the opportunity to better ones life, most people will. We don't know what a persons potential is if they're not given that chance. Personally, I'm looking for the gems.


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