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Life of A Single Mom

by Carmen Cruz

Interviewee: Carmen’s mom

Interviewer: Carmen Cruz

Subject: Single moms


According to a report done by the US Census Bureau, single mothers are one of the most disadvantage groups in the US nearly 30 percent of their families live under the poverty line. I spoke to a single mother who was opened to answer my questions on this subject. I asked her how does a woman get herself in the predicament of being a struggling, single mother?

“I think they that they tried to leave a home where they’re struggling, they are poor at their house no tiene dinero or whatever and they figure I am going to go on my own and they go and get into a relationship with a young guy and end up having a kid and then themselves end up being single parents because sometimes most young guys don’t stick around…now she is alone with the kid and she is poor.”

The Center for Children and Families reported that 40 percent of children in America are growing up without fathers in their lives.

“There’s girls out there, that they are out there on their own and they struggle and work hard and they do not bring kids into this world, (until) they get it together.”

According to the Center for Children and Families 70 percent of children being brought up by single mothers are said to more likely be gang members, high school dropouts, commit suicide, get pregnant in their teens and partake in substance abuse.

The woman in this interview is my mother and I have not done any of the things that I’ve mentioned. I am saying this to simply state that we have choices. Even when we have a losing hand, we have a choice to make the best of it and transform our past into something worthwhile. Finally, I asked my mother what advice she would give the younger generation?

Que no se decpearen…that se te desparacas and you’re trying to find an easy solution out it’s always a bad idea. Just think, think, think. Because like I always tell you guys every action has a reaction. If you make a wrong action right now you are going to pay for it in the future. Just think about your future. Don’t think that an easy solution now is going to be the best solution for your future. Sometimes we need to struggle to get to a better place.

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