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Keeping Faith In Stockton

by Vanessa Vega

I recently interviewed a fellow classmate, here at delta college. He gave me his insight of his thoughts on Stockton and classes here at Delta.

I like Stockton. Stockton is a good place, you know what I’m saying. And Delta College is a community college

Night class is cool. You know what I’m saying. Just like when you’ve been working at night.

But I don’t work. But i’m trying to look for a job.

I can appreciate both the optimism and the honesty that he provides.

When he mentioned job, it made me curious as to see where his ideal job would be. ANd given my past interviews, it wasn’t too much of a surprise when he said Stockton.

My job would be Stockton. I think I like it here in Stockton.

A big factor in why he answered stockton was the fact that he wants the best in others in this community.

Help others out in this community .

It's definitely a great feeling when people talk about how they want to better themselves, and not only for their own benefit but the overall community

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