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Into The Wrong Hands?

by Tallon Pedregosa

Hey everyone, this is Tallon and you are tuned in to KWDC, Stockton. Yo what’s good Delta College, this your boy Tallon and I’m here to discuss some important news locally that could definitely help out some folks.

100 random selected families will receive a stipend of $500 a month for a year and a half starting at the beginning months of 2019.

“I think it could be a good idea if it’s done correctly, you know where it doesn’t get into the hands of people who might abuse the extra money. It could be a good thing.”

Meet Stockton resident Samantha. She explains that the monthly stipend could help kids do extra activities outside of school and be used a lot of ways especially with families.

“I think if the right families are selected, that it would probably motivate them to, ‘Oh I got a better job’ and did more work and had this amount of money from an income, it would really help. But it could go into the wrong family and then they’re like, ‘well I don’t need to make more money because I get this.’

Samantha believes, it’s one of those opportunities where it could really help and motivate or it could keep someone where they’re financially at.

I was going to say it could be like depending on how many children, how many dependences they have in the household but yeah that would be hard to figure out on who would get it.

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