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Higher Income

by Tallon Pedregosa

Hey everyone, this is Tallon, and you are tuned into KWDC, Stockton. What’s going on everyone? This is Tallon Pedregosa from RTV 11 and this Is what’s happening in your town.

The Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration, also known as, the SEED project has recently taken effect in the Stockton community.

“I think it’s a good opportunity to seek and to help out some families in the city.”

This is Tim, a father raised in Stockton who moved away to college and came back to start a family.

“Knowing our economy, it doesn’t seem like a lot but every little bit helps. So it could help with gas, food, and that little bit is enough to help relieve stress in finances in the house.”

Tim was raised with a family of a low income area. More specifically, he grew up in the Southside of Stockton.

“I think it’ll help just because sometimes people just need a little bit of extra boost to get them on their feet. I could see how people could take advantage of it but, you know, everybody has their own opinion. I just think it’ll help more than it all.”

If you would like a written transcript of today’s broadcast, just write down everything we say.

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