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The Difference.

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

By Mikael Honzell

There have been times where I’m in a situation where just $20 can make a big difference; it’d allow me to put at least half of a tank of gas in my car and go somewhere, or would allow me to attend an event or get together without worrying about having enough to cover my check. Having money enables one to have mobility and feel secure, not stressing about where their next meal will come from or if they’ll have enough gas for the week to get to work and back.

   This is often why some people work two jobs; for people with a lot of financial obligations with little help, sometimes one job doesn’t pay all of the bills, leading to them getting multiple jobs. Maybe they wouldn’t need another job if they could just have about $200 extra in their bank account. This is where I think SEED can make a big difference in some families’ lives; if $20 can make a big difference for me, $500 could be just what some people need to make it.

    After talking to some friends and family about the SEED project and what it entails, I have found that a lot people’s responses are about how they’re concerned with what the money might be used for. A lot of those I’ve talked to aren’t in favor of this project because there is a possibility that the people receiving this money could misuse it. And though that may be the case, there are families that could greatly benefit from this extra monthly income and will use it for things they really need. Just because some people may misuse the money, those that are really in need should still have an opportunity at receiving some sort of help.

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