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A Student's Struggle

By David Victor

Getting a decent college education is something many students struggle with. As some students have minor issues paying tuition, several others struggle immensely to afford paying for education and course materials. Statistics from the Federal Reserve state that there are 44.2 million U.S. citizens with student loan debt, and a total U.S. student loan debt of $1.48 trillion.

In some cases, it’s to the point where someone with low income doesn’t go to college to not get into debt in order to save just enough for rent. Those who do go to school with little income, go through very hard times.

“I’ve struggled, family difficulties, also life difficulties. Once you get into the world you see what it’s about, and you also experience that there is a struggle, and when there’s a struggle there has to be people to help you out.”

This is Humberto Vasquez, student at San Joaquin Delta College. His perspective of the world is that you’ll see how harsh it is once you get out there. Although he is attending Delta College, there are other issues he goes through outside of his education, one of which is finding shelter.

“I’m just trying to find a place to stay. Like nowadays it’s hard to find specific places where you need to stay you have to have experience with staying with somebody and not a lot of people give you the opportunity.”

And he’s not the only one in his family going through these issues. This is also an issue that follows another family member.

“My sister she, right now she doesn’t know what is it that she wants right now. She is actually just staying with someone just cause she doesn’t have no place to go.”

This can give you an idea of how expensive tuition can get. In cases like this, students do what they can to pay for an education, even if it means having or not having enough in the end to stay somewhere in the meantime.

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