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Economically Aware

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

by Tallon Pedregosa

Hey everyone, this is Tallon, and you are tuned in to KWDC Stockton. Mustangs! Y’all already know who it is, it’s the Tallon Pedregosa from SJDC here to share an exciting story that’s coming to your town.

“I’m not sure how the selection program, I would be interested in knowing who and what other qualifications and under what requirements is he going to select the selected so called families, but if they’re indeed a family that needs this help, then by all means. For some people it would be destitute.”

That’s Linda. She says, “people need to learn about how to be economically aware of how to spend money.”

“And that seems to be a very big issue not because they’re not given the tools, but because necessity, especially with San Joaquin county, the necessity calls for, ‘Do I pay a PG&E bill or do I feed my family first?’

What is the goal? To help Stocktonians with their basic needs and even payments that are due. The people of SEED want to explore what would happen if free money was provided for Stockton

Linda says it depends on the motivation of people. She was raised by parents that weren’t so great role models.

“It just depends on who it goes out to. Some people say, ‘Well I got this, I’ll wait for the second round.’ It’s unfortunate that many people have made welfare a career, food stamps a career, instead of saying, ‘I needed this help and I got it.’ I was on it for three years and had four children, and a husband who broke his back and I retired and I’m reworking again, went back to school to make a professional choice to get a better retirement. People say because I didn’t have that opportunity. We didn’t either. You know, everybody has a skeleton in his closet and it’s up to us as an adult which way you want to go. Yeah I have a big span on that. Big wide span.”

Thanks for tuning in to Delta College Radio here on KWDC 93.5.

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