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Doubts to Hope

By Eduardo Estrada

Hello, you’re listening Eduardo Estrada on KWDC Delta College Radio, and this is my SEED story and follow up to the last interview I did with Max Placencia.

During that interview, I had sincere doubts about the project, and how it’s goals may or may not be achieved, because in my opinion I believe that people might not use the money they are given wisely.

For this segment I wanted to expand on where that doubtfulness comes from. To start with that, I’ll have to say that a lot of my doubtfulness extends to humanity as a whole, because I believe that we are inherently flawed creatures. That’s not to say we aren’t capable of goodness, quite the contrary, we definitely are. All you have to do is look at the achievements humanity has accomplished, and one that has always inspired me is the first manned mission to the moon. In which Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin, against all odds successfully landed becoming the first to ever do so.

To me this was a significant moment in the history of mankind, because it showed that we can extend our reach beyond Earth in a positive way, and gave us the hope that our species can prosper well into the future. But for as positive as this event was, in my opinion it is contrasted by multiple events that makes humanity look shameful.

The one event that has always stood out to me is the Holocaust for two reasons, one is because it shows how unchecked bigotry and hatefulness can lead to the near extermination of any group of people, and two is because I am partially Jewish by blood, and to know that anyone of any amount of Jewish blood was to be killed during the horrible years of the holocaust, hits too close to home.

It is because of this knowledge, the knowledge that we are capable of good and evil, that I have my doubts about a lot of things. I honestly would like to see the SEED project succeed, but knowing that humans are inherently flawed, leads to me to believe that it may not, and that the recipients will not use the money wisely.

We can only really know in time once the 18 months of the project are over, and while I have my doubts I do have my hopes too, and i wish everyone involved in this project, including me good luck. This has been Eduardo Estrada, here on 93.5 KWDC Delta College Radio.

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