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A Students Fight for Education

by Adriana Hernandez

The United States is one of the wealthiest countries in the world so why is it that many residents struggle financially? Many of those residents being college students.

Studies show that over 70 percent of college students stress over finances. Worrying about having no income to pay for their education. Affecting them with anxiety problems later on in life. One of those students is Victor Hernandez a San Joaquin Delta College student.

Victor: “ I’d probably consider it more on things that would supplement my education”

There is a large number of College students who even have to work two to three jobs just to pay their bills and pay for their education, that is just mind-blowing because even having two to three jobs doesn’t mean they're financially stable.

Victor’s only focus is school and having no job gives him that extra stress about having no source of income to pay for his education. Because he has no job $500 for 18 months would be beneficial towards his studies.

Victor: “Well regardless I’d transfer to a UC. Since I wanna do more research and my major is physics, so I think a UC would have more opportunities, it's just having that extra income would be really helpful and it would be less stress on transferring to a UC. As even if I didn’t have the income I would still transfer there, I would just handle the stress.”

Victor is a full-time student and his main focus is only furthering his education to live a better future so he won’t have to worry about not being financially stable. He also says he would want to give others the opportunity to get a better income with the help of a program like SEED.

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