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Through the Eyes of a Single Mom

by Patrick Pigford

Patrick: Stockton last year was rated one of the worst cities to live in. rated at number 13 in the us by KCRA, the city of Stockton has a lot to improve on and the S.E.E.D project is hoping to boost the economy. My name is Patrick Pigford and I am part of the radio and television program at Delta College in Stockton. Our class was and many other audio production classes here are collecting stories about Stockton and the S.E.E.D project. So, when we had a chance to go to an event called family day in the park I signed up right away. Kids were running around, smiling, and here I was to ask about a heavy topic. When I met Gloria S. I noticed her 2 kids by her side and had to ask her some questions about Stockton and how far we’ve come as a community.

Gloria: “Well life is hard but in Stockton I can see that things are getting better and I can see that there might be more jobs coming in; that’s what they said because of amazon, I’m kind of excited about that, I’m waiting for that”

Patrick: Then I brought up the topic of financial insecurity and if it’s affected her family in any way.

Gloria: “I’m a stay at home mom with two kids and I am building help for me, not having a job so but I also wanted to work but because of my kids I have to wait a few more months so my baby to turn two and that will surely change my career as a house wife. I’m not going to be a house wife anymore (laughs) I’ll be a working mom.”

Patrick: It’s great to see Stockton residents still having the push to get priorities done first. Tune back into KWDC next week to hear the next story from our student and community. This is Patrick Pigford and thanks for listening.

Day ahead by Joe Crotty

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