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A Modest Lifestyle

by Angel Lopez

Angel interviews Britney

Angel: Britney Marquez is a mother, wife, and lab tech on top of all that she is a band member and the program director at KWDC. Her schedule is busier than a bee she does not live a glamorous lifestyle like that of a celebrity however she lives very modestly like everyone else dealing with finances, creating a home and supporting her family. Here is her story.

Britney: some decisions-, some financial decisions I face on a daily basis would pretty much be like literal day to day. Like you know, do we need any groceries today. D-What do I have to make sure we have at the house. Uhm… You know… My daughter is a little bit older now and doesn’t need diapers anymore. But before it would be like do we have to get diapers You know stuff like that, it’s like, with kids… You know… you would think that maybe as they get older it gets a little bit cheaper but at the same time it kinda almost feels like it doesn’t change. If you don’t need one thing anymore you end up needing something else you know, kind of thing. So it’s like, yeah she doesn’t need diapers anymore. We’re not constantly having to buy diapers like a couple times out of the week. You know now there’s daycare and, and, stuff like that. So, obviously when she was smaller you know… we ha.. we had her go to her grandpas so she wouldn’t be there, but it’s like now she’s two and she goes to daycare and we pay for daycare. So it’s like if it’s not one thing, it’s another you know. We, we’re always trying to stay active and doing things, but not necessarily doing things out of the house. Sometimes we’ll just kind of like we’ll do some really cheap things and go to the dollar store and get really cheap little canvases and paint at the house. Or you know when it was a little bit warmer outside we would go for walks around our neighborhood. Just really simple things like take Kairi to the park or even just walk to the mall and just get out, and do something whether it meant like you know, being extravagant and trying to go to a Zoo or something like that, or just really simple things that don’t really cost a lot. Because we’re just always trying to be sufficient with our money and kind of you know not always spending too much on stuff that we don’t need to.

Angel: That was Britney’s story. Although she lives a modest lifestyle she makes the most of it. Thanks for listening, I’m Angel Lopez with KWDC.

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