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To purchase or ask questions about underwriting services, email or call 209-954-5831

What is underwriting?

Underwriting is a way of supporting KWDC Delta College Radio (a non-profit, non-commercial educational radio station) and getting the name of your business heard by KWDC listeners (a wide variety of people). You can underwrite KWDC by sponsoring specific programming, or through pre-recorded announcements. We air on 93.5 FM in Stockton, CA, as well as worldwide on and on the RadioFX app. Your underwriting spots help support students in learning broadcast techniques. 

The Federal Communications Commission mandates that underwriting announcements may not include qualitative, comparative, or promotional language. A call to action, pricing information, and inducements to buy or sell are not allowed. In addition, KWDC does not permit the use of pre-produced announcements or music beds. Final approval of copy is at the discretion of KWDC. These regulations serve to protect the non-commercial ambiance that public radio listeners value so highly. The special integrity of the relationship between the stations and their listeners extends to the underwriter. The public radio listener positively identifies the underwriter with the high-quality programming found on KWDC.

What we can say about you:

  • The name of your business

  • The location and phone number where our listeners can reach you

  • Audio logo-grams or slogans that identify and do not promote

  • Value-neutral descriptions of products or services

  • Brand and trade names of product or service listings that do not include qualitative or comparative language.

What can't be said:

  • Pricing information, such as "tickets are $15 at the door".

  • Calls to action, such as "stop by our store".

  • Talking directly to the listener

  • Inducements to purchase, such as "six months; free service"

  • Qualitative or comparative language, such as "your #1 choice for school books".

  • Subjective language, such as "easy to understand"

  • Music or sound-bites (all scripts are read by station personnel)

We can help your business:

While we are subject to stricter rules for business underwriting messages than a commercial radio station, chances are that we can say what you want us to. We just may not be able to use some of the words you might think of first. We know the rules, and we can work with you to get your message heard. 

Tell us what you want to say - not in specific words, but in broad terms. Then let us work out the details. Our listeners will appreciate the fact that you support KWDC without the invasiveness of traditional advertising. 


15 Seconds - Programming on KWDC, is funded by *insert name of the person and business*, at *insert location*. *insert a very brief description of what is sold at business*. More information is available at *insert phone number*

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