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DMedia 01

Introduction to broadcast/electronic media

Course Description: This course introduces the history, structure, function, economics, content, and evolution of radio, television, film, the Internet, and new media, including emerging, traditional, and mature formats. The social, theoretical, political, regulatory, ethical, and occupational impact of electronic media, including media literacy, are also studied. (CSU)

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DMedia 1 textbook

Curriculum of record

ZOOM Meetings

We will not meet once a week for this class in the regular sense. I have found that when I hold Zoom meetings in this class attendance can be very inconsistent. 

So here is my plan: I will hold a weekly office hour for anyone who wants to stop by. The office hour will be Mondays from 1-1:45 pm. If you are not able to meet at that time, but you want to check in, you can schedule a meeting with me on our department booking site. (Links to an external site.) 

This is the link for Monday afternoon office hours. You don't need an appointment, you can just stop by using this Zoom link. (Links to an external site.) 

Reasons that you can stop by the office hour: 

  • To introduce yourself and connect 

  • To ask a question or comment about something in class

  • You want to know more about the Digital Media program

  • You are unclear about something and you want to check-in

  • You need a referral for academic or personal counseling 

  • Anything else I can help with! 

Course Overview

This course is set up to be navigated as modules. You are currently at the start here section- that's great!

You are doing awesome so far. This is in an effort to organize the class and make it easier for you to navigate. If at any time you are confused or don't know what to do, just send me an email. I aim for clarity, but I am only human and it is totally possible that what is clear to me may not be for you. I am a media nerd and I find our content fascinating. This class should not be too stressful. There are no lab hours because it is a lecture class. That's it! I hope you enjoy this class.




The quizzes are based on my PowerPoints and chapter reading. The modules all start with defining what our learning objectives are. Then you will see a chapter outline. After that, you will see a chapter PowerPoint. Under that, you will see a video that supports the PowerPoint, as well as links that I provide within the module, which are ways to support your learning. I know we all have different learning styles and some of you will retain the material covered in the chapters if it is reinforced by videos that tell the same story in a different way.

  • You will have 13 quizzes in this class. 

  • You have 2 shots at every quiz and the highest score is the one we keep.

  • The quizzes are usually true/false, multiple-choice, but also have short answer components as putting ideas into your own words is a better way to check for understanding than the true/false option.

Research Paper 

We will complete one 2-page paper about media during the pandemic (among other global and national issues) 

We have lots of support available to help you turn in a solid paper. 


We have a midterm and a final exam in this class. The midterm covers chapters 1-6 and the final covers the rest. It is not cumulative. The questions from the midterm and final come directly from the quizzes. 




We will have 4 discussions during our time together. 

Everyone is required to comment to two peers for every discussion prompt.

Make your initial post before Wednesday. Reply to two peers after your original post. 

Media Log

You will be asked to keep a log for 24 hours about your electronic media use. 

You will look at your use and compare it to trends found at any of these resources: 

Any questions? 

Email me at 

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