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Spotlight On Safety

Hosted by Officer Jim Bock

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Jim Bock has worked for the San Joaquin Delta Community College Police Department since 1996. Starting as a student officer, Jim worked closely with District police officers, which only strengthened his strong desire to become a police officer himself. In January 1998, Jim put himself through the San Joaquin Delta College Basic Peace Officer Academy (Class 17-98). While attending the academy, he worked two full-time jobs to support his family. In October 1998, Jim graduated from the police academy, receiving the “True Grit Award” for perseverance through adversity. The following month, he was hired as a police officer with the San Joaquin Delta Community College District Police Department.


Jim credits his affiliation with Delta College with his desire to increase awareness, improve training, interact with the public, and promote stronger community partnerships at the local, state, and federal levels. In 2002, he was honored to be one of 1200 police officers selected to serve at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games. There, he served on one of the largest mult-agency law enforcement task forces in United States history to ensure the Olympics were protected following the 9/11 attacks.


In 2008, Jim was appointed to serve on the California Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training Advisory Committee, representing specialized law enforcement. The role of the Advisory is to vet out and provide guidance to the POST Commission on police officer standards and training throughout the state. In addition to the Advisory, Jim sits as a State Director on the board of the largest police association in the nation, representing law enforcement officers in 14 California counties. As a member of this association, he was also appointed to serve as a regional representative to focus on legislative and training issues for specialized law enforcement. In these capacities, Jim has had the amazing opportunity to lobby on behalf of law enforcement and students at both the state and federal levels.


Since December 2015, Jim has been a police sergeant with the Delta College Police Department where he oversees the Communications Center, technology, and Property/Evidence. He also serves as the Public Information Officer for Police Services.


Focusing on his dedication to the community that has provided him so much, Jim was a proud participant in the Leadership Stockton program, Class 2017. The program is designed to inspire a new generation of men and women ready to assume leadership roles in our community. It challenges and prepares individuals from diverse backgrounds to become influential in our region's future. The program left such a strong impression, he recently was accepted onto the Board of Directors of the Leadership Stockton Alumni Association with the goal of helping to promote the mission of the program and the unseen potential and beauty within the community.


To further his outreach efforts, Jim created “Spotlight on Safety”, a live radio show on Delta College KWDC (93.5 LP FM) in 2017. He believes that public safety is a partnership between the police department and the community. With this radio show, he hopes to increase public awareness, foster transparency, and build community trust.

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