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To learn more about the Culinary Arts Program: Click Here.

Take a tour below of the Pastries and Baking classroom at the Stockton campus. 


Located in Shima 301

Students enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program are preparing for a career in a fast-growing wine and hospitality industry. Hands-on experience in all facets of food preparation is provided. Coursework encompasses supervisory and managerial responsibilities such as sanitation, menu planning, management, cost control, purchasing, cooking, baking, and restaurant operations. There is an emphasis on culinary techniques in all lab classes. Coursework is demanding; physically and academically. Classes require stamina, an ability to work under pressure, and exceptional teamwork skills while providing excellent guest service in the campus restaurant, The Student Chef.

Baking Professor:

Robert Halabicky

209-954-5151, ext:5567

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