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Take one of our classes. 

Digital Media courses are for everyone. We are artists. We are storytellers. 

In today's pervasive multimedia world, audio and visual storytelling skills are necessary whether you are going to be a mechanic, dentist, hairstylist, teacher, paleontologist... you get the idea.

Take a class, meet new people and become a better storyteller.

Audio & Video Production Classes


  • DMedia 2: Writing for Digital Media New Class!

  • DMedia 11: Fundamentals of Audio Production 

  • DMedia 21: Fundamentals of Video Production

  • DMedia 24: Digital Media Editing  can be substituted for RTV 12,13, 22, 23

  • DMedia 25A Digital Media Content can be substituted for RTV 12, 22

  • DMedia 25B Digital Media Production can be substituted for RTV 13, 23 

Introduction courses

DMedia 31: Media Performance

DMedia 1: Introduction to Broadcasting/Electronic Media (Lecture class with no lab hours.)

A Look Inside DMedia Spaces

DMedia Camera Equipment 

DMedia Audio Equipment 

Have Questions? Email Us!

Adriana Brogger - Professor

Leo Marquez - Lab Tech

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