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Broadcasting courses are for everyone.

Even if you never thought about working at a radio or television station, there is a lot to be gained by working on your storytelling skills.

In today's pervasive multimedia world, audio and visual storytelling skills are necessary whether you are going to be a mechanic, dentist, hairstylist, teacher, paleontologist... you get the idea.

Take a class, meet new people and become a better storyteller.

Video Production Classes

  • RTV 21: Fundamentals of Video Production

  • RTV 22: Techniques of Video Production

  • RTV 23: Video Production Workshop

Audio Production Classes

  • RTV 11: Fundamentals of Audio Production

  • RTV 12: Techniques of Audio Production

  • RTV 13: Audio Production Workshop

Introduction courses

RTV 31: Media Performance

RTV 01: Introduction to Electronic Media (Lecture class with no lab hours.)

RTV Camera Equipment 

RTV Audio Equipment 

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