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To learn more about the Graphic Arts program: Click Here.

Take a tour below of the Graphic Arts lab.


Located in Shima 241 on the Stockton campus. 

The Graphic Arts program includes classes in Graphic Arts, Digital art, imagery, and electronic publication. Our curriculum is designed to prepare you to succeed as skilled workers with creative energy. Delta's Department of Graphic Arts moves its students into this new age with challenging courses and opportunities for personal exploration. Classes are in our graphics lab which offers state-of-the-art computer workstations on both the Mac and PC platforms, current versions of software, and personalized instruction. You will progress through project levels based on your individual levels of experience, and create portfolios reflecting your growth and skills.

Graphic Arts Staff:

Associate Professor: Kathleen Pereira

(209) 954-5151, ext: 5209

Adjunct Instructor: Cera Macy

ISA II Graphic Arts: Maria Ramirez

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