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Listen and support college radio.

We can be heard locally on the FM dial at 93.5 FM. We are a federally licensed, low-power FM radio station serving Stockton, CA.

Download the Radio FX app and listen on the go.

Advanced Radio Television students work on project-based curriculum to develop their portfolios.

As part of this goal, our radio students submit to the annual Intercollegiate Broadcasting System competition. 

Click the mic to listen to our

fall 2019 submissions.

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Call the SJDC RTV department at (209) 954-5831 or call our station line at (209) 954-5526.

Email: KWDC@deltacollege.edu

Program Director: Leo Marquez


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Vanessa Vega
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Station Hotline: 209-954-5526

RTV Office: 209-954-5831

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